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Error analysis and correction in the databases and the SAP system
OLE Example: OLE Processing
But when it comes to the intricacies of large SAP environments, Ansible quickly reaches its limits. If you want to use Ansible to implement simple automations - for example, starting and stopping SAP environments - you have to put up with a lot of manual effort and complicated scripts.

This is key to leveraging SAP's simplification plan. Since the release of SAP HANA, SAP has worked to simplify the system.
By using a code scanner, it is now possible for every developer to scan for complex security patterns during the extended check of his program, which tell him whether he has built vulnerabilities into his program. These vulnerabilities are detected and can now be addressed in a workflow-driven process. Currently, there are two products that can support customers in the area of scanning their own SAP programs.

The analysis shows you in the form of a traffic light output (red-yellow-green) whether the respective settings are configured correctly. In addition, you can also view the detailed values of the respective settings.

For administrators, a useful product - "Shortcut for SAP Systems" - is available in the SAP basis area.

Such a currency is an application that can be executed on the basis of an underlying blockchain.

On you will also find useful information about SAP basis.

This must be evaluated and decided jointly.
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