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Good written and spoken German skills are expected (level similar to at least B2)
These are 10 technology trends every SAP Basis consultant needs to know about
No matter whether a change of the operating system or the database used is pending or a move of the SAP system as well as a migration to SAP HANA has to be completed - we are your experts. We create a plan together with you and migrate your SAP system within the shortest possible time. Our services:

It is therefore not unusual for the authorisation allocations to be regularly reviewed in the course of a revision or by external auditors. This is a very laborious process with SAPS standard tools. In this scenario, an authorisation administrator would first have to manually assign each employee to a specific manager and determine their roles. After that, these roles should be exported from the system (for example, to an Excel file) and then submitted to the supervisor so that he can decide whether the role assignment is appropriate or not.
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The digitization of businesses and the emergence of new technologies mean that admins have to adapt to constantly changing conditions. Currently, the following trends (which are becoming more and more evident in the market) can be mentioned:

However, the tasks also include strategic and planning aspects. For example, administrators define requirements and standards, select and control upgrades or enhancements, implement monitoring processes, and take care of necessary backups and emergency management.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" are extremely useful in basic administration.

This allows permission administrators to use their valuable time to correct the errors rather than just looking for them.

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