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I18N Internationalization for SAP
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The past ten years have primarily revolutionized the infrastructure and database layer. The fascinating thing is that there have been hardly any changes to the SAP installation program SAPinst during this time.

In some cases, the term SAP Basis is also equated with the administration of an SAP system, i.e. with a task description. In this case, it refers to the management and control of SAP systems via various administration and monitoring tools.
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In the database, which is located on a database server, all data of a company is saved. Application programs pull the data they need from the database. This data can consist of data tables, applications or system control tables. In addition, the database also takes new information from users and backs it up.

SAP Basis experts ensure optimal integration of the SAP system into a company's individual IT landscape. Depending on the agreement, the team of experts takes care of the administration as well as the hosting and operation of the SAP system.

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" makes many tasks in the area of the SAP basis much easier.

Procedure To define a queue, select View/Define SPAM on the entry screen of the transaction.

On you will also find useful information about SAP basis.

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