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Migration of SAP DB systems (between different databases)
Active monitoring
In the past, when we deployed SAP environments, we first had to work out detailed sizing and architecture and pass this on to the procurement team, who then ordered the systems and installed them in the data center. From there, it went on to the network team, the storage team, the operating system team, and the database team. So it was not uncommon for three to six months to pass between the architecture design and the installation of a new SAP system.

Using various user, administration and monitoring tools, the SAP Basis system is controlled and managed by an administrator, who is thus responsible for its trouble-free operation. Many companies hand over these tasks to an external service provider.
SM30 Table maintenance
Avantra recently became available in the Google Cloud Marketplace. It is worth mentioning here that we have fully containerized the deployment of Avantra here, so each component runs in a separate container. For the database, we use Cloud SQL.

This presentation takes place via a graphical user interface (GUI). This is where users read required information and enter new data into the system.

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" makes many tasks in the area of the SAP basis much easier.

System: Check the correct function of the transport tools using Tool Transport Tool.

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