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Migration of SAP DB systems (between different databases)
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SAP Basis is also known as module BC or application Basis. SAP Basis refers to all transactions, programs and objects that control the functions of the overall system. This includes, among other things, user and authorization management as well as the configuration of interfaces via RFC.

Maintaining the availability of critical business processes not only requires a high-quality infrastructure, but also places equally high demands on the management and operation of the underlying SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA platforms due to their high complexity. These platforms are often referred to as SAP Basis.
Analysis and elimination of technical problems in the SAP Basis environment under the platforms ORACLE and Windows
Permissions beyond the daily task spectrum are granted only for limited periods and under control. The activities with the emergency user are logged in a revision-proof manner. Do you already have an emergency user concept in use or would like to introduce one? I'm happy if you share your experience with me! You can leave me a comment or contact me by e-mail.

If an error occurs, the transaction WE05 can be used to analyse it. What experience have you had with EDI? I look forward to your feedback.

The "Shortcut for SAP Systems" tool is ideal for doing many tasks in the SAP basis more easily and quickly.

Open the following folder structure in Database Administration: Performance -> Additional Functions -> SQL Command Editor Enter your first query in the input query.

On you will also find useful information about SAP basis.

The SAP basis sees itself as a partner and contact for new SAP technologies.
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