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Related terms
High flexibility for ad hoc growth
SAP Basis Operation is responsible for ensuring the technical functionality of an SAP system. It includes all the technical components mentioned above. These are used to perform the following tasks.

Reduce resources: depending on the agreement of the contract, you can ask for the service resources only when needed. This will save you some costs.
Why does your company need an SAP Basis team?
Among other things, it determines which application server a user logs on to in order to distribute the workload (load balancing). The message server also enables the individual application servers to communicate with each other.

SAP Basis consultants are experts in consulting. The job of an SAP Basis consultant has many areas of responsibility such as:

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" makes many tasks in the area of the SAP basis much easier.

Especially with large system landscapes, many external programmes are registered and executed, which can result in very large log files.

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An SAP administrator is responsible for controlling the SAP system in a company and ensuring its trouble-free operation.
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