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SAP Netweaver - BI Authorization Concept
Fiori permissions for apps and catalogues in the launchpad
A degree in computer science is usually required and is now almost obligatory. If you have completed training as a computer scientist, you can continue your education to become an SAP Basis Administrator and position yourself particularly well on the job market. Integrata CegosEine also offers training to become an SAP Basis Administrator.

If table logging is active in your system, you can specify which tables are to be logged in transaction SE13. For an active logging it is necessary to set the flag "Log data changes".
Finally run SQL queries directly in the SAP system
In many companies, the SAP system is the linchpin of everyday business. To ensure that the system is available at all times, an SAP Basis team ensures its smooth operation.

SAP Basis is the core component of any SAP infrastructure. Both in older versions such as R/3 and the current S/4HANA. It ensures that the necessary services and foundations are provided for the SAP system and all applications. The biggest advantage of an SAP environment over specialized tools - its variability - also makes for great complexity.

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" is a PC application that simplifies or even facilitates many activities in the SAP basis.

The SAP Basis Plug-In is a software component that provides SAP components with BW Service API technology as well as CRM Middleware, Supply Chain Event Management, and Financial Basis functionality to connect to these systems.

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