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Very good conceptual skills in system design and system integration
SE51 Screen Painter
If you want to evaluate for which tables a logging takes place, the table DD09L is suitable for this. The column "Log" shows you for which tables changes are logged.

Often one is obliged to perform a migration. There are various reasons such as legal requirements or preparatory measures for an S/HANA conversion. We are happy to support you in your decisions.
Two ways to use Security Automation
By establishing a new role concept and building new roles, the SAP basis has the skills necessary to support new tasks and topics as well as to operate new technology and service forms. The relevant roles are listed below.

Introducing secinfo and reginfo files into an existing system landscape is associated with risk and effort. As already indicated in the two options, the workload increases greatly as the system landscape grows.

Some missing SAP basic functions in the standard are supplied by the PC application "Shortcut for SAP Systems".

This will identify potential risks that could jeopardise the safe operation of your IT landscape.

On you will also find useful information about SAP basis.

The infrastructure-related SAP basis in turn serves as the link between the application-orientated SAP basis and the infrastructure levels.
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