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Knowledge transfer all the way
Whether after a successful joint project or as a new customer, we support you!
Since 2009, we are the first German system house to have the SAP SE-awarded Support Partner Certification for SAP Enterprise Support (VAR Partner Centre of Expertise, PCoE). Our support therefore corresponds to the highest quality standards of SAP.

Through the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, customers can find the status of support connectivity in the My Landscape application. The Status of Support Connectivity app displays the data collection status for the customer's on-premise landscape.
Increase end-user satisfaction
To sum up, we can say that both support services naturally overlap from time to time. Often, SAP Support team members are looking for an application management services solution to resolve an acute problem so that a similar problem can no longer occur in the future.

Then there is much to do before January 2020! The magic word is SAP Support Backbone - the reliable link to SAP. Whether the hot wire to the SAP Support Portal (e.g. hints), the EarlyWatch Alert Reports or the Maintenance Planner everything is located in the Support Backbone Infrastructure. This has been updated by SAP and changes must be made to their system!

Use "Shortcut for SAP Systems" to accomplish many tasks in SAP Support more easily and quickly.

Do you have questions about our consulting services and services or do you need our support? We are always there for you.

However, cross-departmental processes are a challenge, which should be managed centrally and run smoothly.
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