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SAP Support Backbone Update - What's next?
Comprehensive Hybrid Operation
In complex projects, the maintainer of a particular order is a SDE - Service Delivery Executive. Its mission is to process customer enquiries, to create a team of specialists responsible for your company's system, and to report regularly on the status of your tickets.

The first stage of cooperation is always to determine the needs of your company and SAP users. Knowing which processes are critical to your business is the key to ensuring business continuity.
Next Generation Support for the Intelligent Enterprise
Every two years, UNIORG undergoes sophisticated audits: The certification concerns support personnel, support processes and infrastructure. This ensures that you are supported by qualified consultants and benefit from comprehensive SAP support and service.

Of course: The full functionality of SAP Landscape Management and ALM is only possible with SAP Solution Manager. And tools such as the Maintenance Planner and the Early Watch Alert (EWA) require up-to-date landscape data - if not provided by an SAP Solution Manager, then manually transmitted in an emergency.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" are extremely useful for SAP support.

An extension is the playback in the "Try It" or "Do It" mode.

We gladly take care of the maintenance and maintenance of standardised SAP environments and/or the creation of individual software.
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