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Tailored to your needs
Service and Support Partners
Achieving your business goals is our priority. Our flexible on-site and remote support provides you with competent development, methodology, centralised planning and resources for the areas where you need them most, using best-practice ITIL processes.

In complex projects, the maintainer of a particular order is a SDE - Service Delivery Executive. Its mission is to process customer enquiries, to create a team of specialists responsible for your company's system, and to report regularly on the status of your tickets.
Where is the app in SAP ONE Support Launchpad?
Your employees will be relieved enormously. So you have more capacity to take care of strategic projects and are not concerned with daily support problems.

The experts have developed a proactive tool to monitor SAP system performance. The solution checks over 200 key figures and reports immediately when one of them is exceeded - allowing the team to resolve the issue immediately and avoid a costly failure.

"Shortcut for SAP Systems" makes many SAP support tasks much easier.

SAP Transformation Hub is a team of highly qualified experts and corporate architects.

The class CL_HRESS_P60_GB is in the package PAOC_ESS_PER_GB.
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