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Automatic determination of delta states after SAP system copy/recovery
SAP system copies and the DSGVO
Suitable tools make it possible to automate and accelerate the necessary creation of true-to-original SAP system copies, for example. This means that you have all production data available on your test system in a short time.

Typically, the "homogeneous SAP system copy" process involves a large number of manual activities. A certain skill level is required for this, which leads to the fact that usually the employees of the SAP Basis department or external service providers realize the system copy. Depending on the structure and size of the systems, this process can take anywhere from hours to several days. In addition to making the target systems unavailable to operations and project teams, system and landscape copies also block SAP Basis administrators. Other challenges include the varying duration and quality (completeness) of the results depending on the processor, time dependency on the employees performing the work, etc.
Solution Description
For a long time, manual procedures dominated, supported by SAP (guidelines), in particular by predefined procedures and a large number of checklists. In many places, this was supplemented by scripts created in-house, which, however, only automated partial tasks/processes of an SAP system copy.

Innovative test data management provides realistic, relevant and secure test data. With this data, companies are able to decisively accelerate and qualitatively improve their development and change processes and make testing and training scenarios affordable. For example, it is possible to automate quality assurance processes and successfully introduce new business functions without a costly and time-consuming SAP system copy. Software development can also be accelerated. The test data software always ensures that tests are carried out particularly thoroughly.

The tool "Shortcut for SAP Systems" is excellently suited to complete an SAP system copy easier and faster.

Some examples of selectable settings of the target system that can be copied automatically: RFC connections and certificates, report variants of the target system, logical paths of the target system, setup of the transport system, ABAP version management, system profiles and operation modes, background jobs, users and roles, settings of SAPConnect, ALE settings, texts of the login screen, developer and object keys, takeover of spool servers, logical systems, other settings, as well as a re-import of transports into the target system, are possible after consultation.

The website offers many useful information about SAP basis.

In addition, users can define objects themselves to accommodate customizing and in-house developments.
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