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Scenario with system copies for updating
Solution Description
Without interrupting operations, we copy your systems using established methods and products. We guarantee consistent quality and reliable reproducibility through standardized processes and a high degree of automation. Due to the SAP system copy, the test and development systems are up to date and tests can be performed reliably and trustworthily on the non-production systems.

Strategy as of NetWeaver 2007: Prerequisite: in the case of a Unicode conversion, conversion must be performed during export. If the target database can be built with unsorted unloaded data, all packages are automatically unloaded unsorted. R3load ensures that tables that must always be unloaded sorted are unloaded sorted.
Automation of homogeneous SAP system copies
What is the purpose of copying a complete SAP system? - Well, there are several reasons. Test and development system: After a new productive system has been set up, at least one identical development system or even one test system is still needed. To avoid having to repeat the customizing (settings and configurations of the SAP modules and business processes) on these systems, it makes sense to make a copy. This is clearly the faster way to achieve the goal!

By using the automation solution, errors that typically occur with manual process steps - just like additional costs due to repetition - can be avoided. To date, the IT team has created 88 SAP system copies. "If we had wanted to do this with SAP board resources, we would not have been able to pay for it as a medium-sized company," Rudi Scharf knows.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" are extremely useful in SAP system copy.

Data is only copied if it is changed in the original data volume (copy-on-write procedure).

The website offers many useful information about SAP basis.

The ability to anonymize data reduces the effort required to comply with data protection regulations in training systems, for example.
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